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Camaronazo is a unique, FIRST of its kind shrimp-tomato juice cocktail that has recently hit store shelves throughout the United States and Mexico.

Camaronazo is currently offered in 3 sizes - 64oz, 32oz and 16.1 oz. The beverage caters to our consumer’s taste for shrimp (“Camaron”).

Camaronazo is growing rapidly and becoming a market-leading brand especially among Hispanic consumers.

There are many tomato juice-clam cocktails in the market but Camaronazo is the First shrimp-tomato juice cocktail in the US and Mexico.

Exceptionally easy to drink with an inviting aroma, crisp, smooth and refreshing taste, Camaronazo can be enjoyed by itself or used as a food base compliment for many Hispanic dishes. Camaronazo can also be served as a great combination drink mixed with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The very popular mixed drink known as the “Michelada” (a traditional Hispanic drink meaning “my cold beer”) is listed in our recipes as a CHELAZO™ - a combination of your favorite beer mixed with Camaronazo Regular or Camaronazo Picante.



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